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Pleased to meet you: we are ALFA.

ALFA is a young company with a team of specialists that have longstanding experience in the petrochemical industry. We are experts in managing and executing (multidisciplinary) projects, turnarounds and maintenance work on installations and piping. With passion, enthusiasm and focus we are committed to provide maximum added value for you and your organization.

What we do.

Projects & Turnarounds

Projects & Turnarounds.

Leading and executing maintenance projects and turnarounds is an integral part of ALFA’s services. We use a local workshop where we carry out our prefab work. Our flexibility combined with our extensive network, allows us to rapidly mobilize additional well-known resources to cope with increased manpower demand; if necessary.

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Maintenance Activities

Maintenance Activities.

We specialize in on-site maintenance activities for piping and mechanical installations. To deliver the projects, we provide dedicated resources and high-quality tools and – if necessary –  even install an on-site workshop.

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Through our years of experience on the customer side, we have unique knowledge and understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges. We gladly share this knowledge to advise you in the areas of turnaround (management), planning and implementation. In doing so, we aim for additional efficiency and effectiveness.

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At ALFA we like to make a difference and are always seeking the best solution. We are keen to discover new possibilities and challenge standard practices. Every day we challenge ourselves for an even better and even more efficient delivery.

Our belief is that value can increase in many ways, and we like to show you that it can be done – and how it can be done. Being the best in our industry is therefore not a goal; it is our motivation. Every day we strive to meet or, even better, exceed your expectations; whether it concerns our people, processes, strategy, or equipment. We are straightforward in our approach, use clear communication, demonstrate ownership, show respect for each other, and nurture a company culture of continuous improvement.

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Recognize, classify, and address risks.
Ensuring the safety of everyone who works for and with us is at the heart of every project.

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Insights and deep understanding provide the right solution. Even before the start of the project, we proactively think along with you to ensure your organization’s quality requirements will be met.

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By using our certifications, we align the safety and quality processes to the goals and requirements of the project and execute them consistently.

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