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Safety, quality & certification.

Ensuring the highest safety and quality standards is part of our DNA.

Therefore, we focus on your and our safety every second of everyday. At the same time, we constantly strive to deliver work of the highest quality. Whilst we ensure the quality is delivered today, we are looking ahead for improvements tomorrow.

We simply believe that together you can deliver more, better, and safer work.

All our team members work towards achieving our goals and complying with the regulations in the fields of Safety, Quality, Health, and Environment. We create awareness; hold each other accountable and encourage compliance in a positive manner. Within the team we discuss our performance related to safety and quality, evaluate regularly and think ahead. Ultimately, we depend on the work ethic and commitment of our teams and count on their integrity and collective common sense.

In a similar fashion we work with our customers and partners; that’s how we keep each other focused. Everyone has his or her own role in achieving the project goals in a responsible, accident-free, and high-quality manner.


Recognize, classify, and address risks.

Ensuring the safety of everyone who works for and with us is at the heart of every project. We do this by continuously driving knowledge and awareness of risks, making the risks tangible, and involving the team in monitoring and adjusting for the recognition of unsafe situations and actions.


Safety is something we create together.

With clear and unambiguous rules, the life-saving rules, everyone speaks the same language when it comes to effective safety management. By combining structured risk analysis and control with practical instructions and attention to each other, we bring and keep alive a healthy risk culture. We take care of each other under all circumstances by supporting and correcting each other and thereby creating a safe workplace. At the end of the day, nothing is more important than for everyone to get home safe.


Improving quality is our daily business

Insights and deep understanding provide the right solution.

Even before the start of the project, we proactively think along with you to ensure your organization’s quality requirements will be met. We will do our utmost to obtain an in-depth understanding of your expectations, and the accountabilities of all parties involved. We apply our expertise, experience, and drive to deliver tailor-made solutions, reliable advice and services. Only the best is good enough.

responsible together.

We want to deliver our projects with the highest quality. This means that during the execution we fully comply with the safety requirements and wishes of your organization. Every ALFA employee will go the extra mile. We guarantee that the entire team understands the quality expectations and is critical and attentive to all aspects related to quality.

Fast and knowledgeable decision making.

Within the team, we review all aspects of the work to be executed. We thus maintain full focus on the quality objectives at all levels of the organization. Everyone involved is familiar with the regulatory and legislative requirements, as well as our clients’ internal standards and requirements. The ALFA mentality means that every opinion or observation counts: only then can we continuously learn and improve.

Continuous development of knowledge and skills.

Safety, Quality, Health, Environment, and continuous improvement require an ongoing investment in the development of our people. Therefore, we provide continuous education and training. Together with our partner A.C.C. Opleidingen we run an up-to-date training program for our teams. This way we ensure that we always have the right and best knowledge, skills, and equipment to do the work safely and properly.


With our certifications, we align the safety and quality processes to the goals and requirements of the project and execute them consistently. By managing this openly in in close cooperation with our clients, we enable ourselves to complete the work within budget and according to schedule and objectives.


ISO 9001:2015

DIN & ISO 3834-2