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We are ALFA, highly motivated experts with a mission.

Our Story.

Passion for the business.

ALFA is a young company with a team of specialists that have longstanding experience in the petrochemical industry. We are experts in managing and executing (multidisciplinary) projects, turnarounds and maintenance work on piping and installations. With passion, enthusiasm and focus we are committed to provide maximum added value for you and your organization.

Thanks to the diversity in backgrounds, expertise, and experience on both the customer and contractor side, we form a driven and inclusive team with one big dream: to be your very best partner in achieving lasting positive impact for your business.


Impossible is nothing.

At ALFA we like to make a difference and are always seeking the best solution. We are keen to discover new possibilities and challenge standard practices. Every day we challenge ourselves for an even better and even more efficient delivery.

Our belief is that value can increase in many ways, and we like to show you that it can be done – and how it can be done. Being the best in our industry is therefore not a goal; it is our motivation.

Every day we strive to meet or, even better, exceed your expectations, whether it concerns our people, processes, strategy, or equipment. We are straightforward in our approach, use clear communication, demonstrate ownership, show respect for each other, and nurture a company culture of continuous improvement.

Together we stand.

We take partnerships very seriously; we aim to get the best out of each other. This applies to our clients, employees and partners. We immerse ourselves in your organization, your people, and the assignment you have given us. We always seek the best solution and encourage discussion about our proposed approach and work. Our full commitment combined with a critical view forms the base for a long-term and valuable relationship.


Promise made is promise kept.

We use our experience to plan each project thoroughly in order to be prepared in detail and for every event. Yet, we realize: no two projects are alike, and circumstances cannot be taken for granted. That’s why we standardize where possible but customize when needed.

It goes without saying that we plan for maximum safety and the highest quality. Everything we do is aimed at delivering the project within the objectives set. Therefore, we meet the challenging deadline, we stay within budget, and we always find the most appropriate solution. Our motto is simple: ‘promise made is promise kept’.


Every day we have a new opportunity to create value.

Our vast experience in the petrochemical industry has taught us that the easiest or fastest solution, is not necessarily the best solution. Working with a mindset of “this will do” or “we always do it like this”, will never drive progress to the solution that generates the greatest impact.

ALFA is built on the core belief that you should always challenge yourself to find that other, even better solution. An open mind, combined with a proactive approach and focus on talent development helps us to make a real difference.

Our value-driven ambition,  guides us on our journey to become the most valued business partner for our customers.


How we want to turn it into reality.

We think in terms of opportunities. By listening carefully to the challenges and expectations of our customers, we create plans to achieve the best possible results. What connects us with our customers, partners and employees is the mission to do this together. We tackle challenges together and celebrate success together.

We  build plans and execute projects with a highly committed and knowledgeable team, that works together transparently, with a can-do mentality and clear ownership. At ALFA we know: there is always a solution.

Core Values.

We deliver value “the ALFA way”

Our focus is on delivering the promise we made: the right people on the right job, and efficiently seeking the best solution. Because there always is one. Our specialized and skilled teams go to great lengths to deliver added value for your project and your organization. Everyday.

  • Authentic and true
  • Open and transparent
  • Drive Ownership
  • Treat people like equals
  • Continuously improving
We are authentic and true.

What you see is what you get. We get to know our customers (the people!), and we know our teams (the people!). Knowing, understanding, and caring about their situation & needs will lead to trust, support and mutual benefits.

We are open and transparent.

In everything we do we provide full transparency. We communicate openly and timely on our goals, agendas, and progress. Frequently reporting the status of the project.

We drive ownership.

We encourage & enable all our team members to fulfill their tasks and responsibilities, be pro-active, take initiative and above all demonstrate ownership. We service our customers and create value for them. Together we make the difference.

we treat people like equals.

We focus on people. We earn and give respect by treating everyone like we want to be treated ourselves. We actively show and express our appreciation. We listen, understand, provide constructive feedback and act accordingly. That’s how we work and grow as a team.

We are continuously improving.

We celebrate together, and we improve together. We constantly challenge ourselves and our customers to improve processes, ways of working, and capabilities & skills. Ultimately, to deliver more and better value. For all involved.

Being the best version of ourselves and celebrating success together

Het AlFA team

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Young company with years of experience.

The unique heart of the ALFA organization is formed by the combination of Ergün Buga’s commercial background as a supplier in the petrochemical industry, and Richard Boogers’ years of experience in leading and executing turnarounds and maintenance projects on the customer side.

The difference in competencies and experience is complementary and ensures a solid balance between drive, structure, and mindfulness. Together they run the company where the collective mindset is focused on providing services with long-lasting impact, and to be proud of.

Ergun Buga

Sales Director

Richard Boogers


Corne Grinwis

HSE Manager

Saban Yilmaz

QA/QC Manager

Steven Minnen

Project Manager

Koos Boorsma

Project Manager

Johan van Vliet

Construction Manager

Sultan Buga

Financial Controller

Ayse Ayaz

Business Support

Henk Oudshoorn

Tender Manager

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