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Our process.

Our way of working: standardized where necessary and customized where needed

We use our experience to plan each project thoroughly to be prepared in detail and for every event. Yet, we realize: no two projects are alike, and circumstances cannot be taken for granted. That’s why we standardize where possible but customize when needed.

We gladly explain our way of working step by step.

Goals & Vision.

We think in terms of opportunities. By listening carefully to your challenges and expectations, we create plans to achieve the best possible results. We immerse ourselves in your organization, your people, and the project. Together we arrive at a clear problem definition and objectives. We like to think along at every level and help you formulate a clear vision.

Customized proposal.

We always provide a customized proposal in which the scope of work, costs and deadlines are stated clearly and transparently. No surprises. Because of our open mindset, proactive approach, and years of experience, we know that the success of the project is also determined by the quality of the proposal.

Planning & logistics.

After approval of the proposal, our team prepares the necessary project plans and documents. In close consultation with our partner network, we take responsibility for a successful preparation in our own characteristic way.

Project Kick-off.

Beforehand, we discuss the planning and expectations in detail with you. Proactive and pragmatic, but also with an eye for detail, we ensure a flawless start. All necessary documents, materials and permits are present at the start of the project. From day one, our teams are on the job, and we have a constant dialogue with you about what is needed to meet the goals.


Execution of work.

The work is carried out according to the plan. Our specialized and skilled teams go to great lengths to add value to the project and your organization every day.

With the best professionals in the industry the project is completed, considering the changes and flexibility that the execution of (complex) projects entails. Weekly meetings, clear reports and involvement of our management team ensure transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Project delivery & evaluation.

We ensure that the project is delivered first time right and within the set objectives.

We like celebrating success, but we also know the importance of taking a critical view on the project delivery. Because we believe there is always room for improvement. At the end of each project, we look back together. We determine what went well and where there is room for improvement. We like to look ahead and see how we can keep adding value to every long-term relationship.

Our Partners.

Our partner network further strengthens the power of ALFA.

The world is in constant change, and in addition to the continued development of our knowledge and skills, we also believe in strengthening our operational network. This network consists of a solid core of reliable and strong suppliers, subcontractors, and other partners with whom we have joined forces to execute projects successfully.

By using the power of the network we can easily and readily deploy the resources needed. High quality materials, the most modern equipment and subcontractors that fit the job.