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What we do.

When we exceed expectations, we have achieved our ultimate goal.

We simply do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible result. In doing so, we look beyond the obvious and go the extra mile. We apply our knowledge, skills, and experience to create maximum value for your organization by focusing on the following portfolio of services:

What we do.

Projects & Turnarounds

Projects & Turnarounds.

Leading and executing maintenance projects and turnarounds is an integral part of ALFA’s services. We use a local workshop where we carry out our prefab work. Our flexibility combined with our extensive network, allows us to rapidly mobilize additional well-known resources to cope with increased manpower demand; if necessary.

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Maintenance Activities

Maintenance Activities.

We specialize in on-site maintenance activities for piping and mechanical installations. To deliver the projects, we provide dedicated resources and high-quality tools and – if necessary –  even install an on-site workshop.

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Through our years of experience on the customer side, we have unique knowledge and understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges. We gladly share this knowledge to advise you in the areas of turnaround (management), planning and implementation. In doing so, we aim for additional efficiency and effectiveness.

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ALFA equals ADDED Value.

At ALFA we actively think along, but also ahead: pro-activity and flexibility are a standard element of our services. We seize opportunities as soon as we see them and always find a solution. Really. Always.